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The United States of LATAM

Latin America (orthographic projection)

Latin America has a common origin and history. The level of cultural homogeneity between the countries than conform it is significantly higher than that of the nation-states that comprise the European Union. Yet the level of economic and political integration in LATAM is not anywhere near what Europe has accomplished amid the great degree of idiosyncratic, economic and political heterogeneity that characterizes that region. Given this reality, how can LATAM states learn from the EU to foster regional integration and cooperation?

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Social media and the modern presidency

Trump-Pence 2016

Using social media for tits for tats is “modern day presidential”, according to the man with small hands. Yet being modern does not justify one for being scornful. And, while I am still hopeful his hubris will cease, President Trump’s tweets, along with the mainstream media’s deceits, are saturating the country with moral debris.

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Nearshore Should be Embracing Gravity in New World Trade Dynamics

Jawaharlal Nehru Trust Port

In principle, international trade flows according to the laws of gravity. In that sense, trade is determined by two factors: the Gross Domestic Products and the geographical distance between trading partners. To calculate the trading possibilities based on this reasoning, economists use what is known as the gravity model.

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Procedural leadership


Success is usually the product of the faithful and systematic execution of given procedures. High performance athletes, world class corporations and every individual that has achieved a position of prestige and notoriety in his or her society has done so by way of perseverance, methodology and discipline.

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Leveraging the knowledge economy

In today’s economy the chief differentiator is, arguably, knowledge not power, wealth or title. More specifically it is technology, otherwise known as applied science, which, in many instances, has the greatest potential of making a business successful. When used properly, technology adds value to both the supply side and the demand side of the equation.

As a matter of fact, research and development systems that use state-of-the-art technology give rise to the majority of products and services that dominate the marketplace in both quantity and quality. A promotion and distribution infrastructure like that of amazon.com allows producers and consumers to maximize value on the basis of information coupled with the scale, concentration and diversification of product inventory.

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