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Declaration of Independence (1819), by John Trumbull

A cause is not something we mindlessly pick up as we go about futile affairs. It is, rather, a commitment that we make to stand up and advocate for the preservation, amelioration and faithful execution of our God given rights and responsibilities.

As opposed to asking for the institutionalization of privileges based on whimsical beliefs and questionable conjectures, a worthy cause is grounded on established truths and calls for accountability, freedom and real developmental opportunities. The social and economic causes of our time are oftentimes reduced to a series of caprices with political legs set in motion by money lubricated special interest machines commanded by persons that do not necessarily represent the will and best interests of society in its entirety. 

As we consider what causes to join and bring to the fore, let us objectively weigh their political, economic and transcendental importance. Should the cause be worthy, it deserves our ready disposition to fully and effectively engage in it. Failure to engage can be, in fact, an act of outright surrender to ideas beneath the sacrosanct standards upon which our Republic was founded.