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Trump-Pence 2016

Using social media for tits for tats is “modern day presidential”, according to the man with small hands. Yet being modern does not justify one for being scornful. And, while I am still hopeful his hubris will cease, President Trump’s tweets, along with the mainstream media’s deceits, are saturating the country with moral debris.

Turning the other cheek is obviously not Mr. Trump’s strategy when it comes to dealing with those in the press that are not by him impressed. Striking back is his default act and this is becoming a stumbling block rather than a fast track.

As a conservative, I am in favor of many of the policies that Trump has advanced to drain the swamp and usher a veritable American renaissance. But the President’s proclivity to express contempt with premeditation and intent, bereaves some would-be supporters of moral grounding to defend Mr. Trump’s otherwise justifiable and commonsensical efforts to bring to life the saga he calls MAGA.

Truly and fervently I pray that our President will course correct. Not in terms of his overall vision to make America great, but with respect to the utter disrespect his mocking through social media represents to the title that he bears.

What will it take to tame or altogether obliterate the President’s foolish tweeting? A modern day civil war that tears apart a nation that declares itself as one under God? Hopefully a rude awakening of that kind will not be necessary to end the senseless grind of attacking the members of our own kind.

While mainstream media is guilty beyond the shadow of doubt on the count of blindly siding with the left and mischaracterizing the right even when it is undeniably right, this does not justify the President’s systematic rants as he is the one in command; the one that should show “charity to all and malice towards none” of the peoples that comprise the fabric of this land.

A healthy reprimand to the media that divides is necessary to heal our land. But exacerbating a diatribe day in and day out only distracts from the government’s main act of serving and protecting the people that do the electing.  

Let us, therefore, refrain from retweeting and celebrating Mr. Trump’s unbecoming venting however entertaining. This, even as we call out the pundits as they spin the facts and run stories devoid of truthful contents.

Such should be the unequivocal response of a polity that yearns and works for a more perfect country. For a country, capable of conducting its struggles “on the high plane of dignity and discipline”, as MLK once suggested. For a country, whose leaders do not use modernity and adversity as an excuse for the misuse and abuse of influence and power in a critical hour that should be used to work on behalf of the ones we call ours.